Wiley's 2016 Society Membership Survey What You Need to Know

Ann Elderkin
over 3 years agoJune 10, 2016
Could you also make available a set of the slides?
And my specific question was whether there are society-specific and journal-specific data that we could see. My organization is the American Society for Bone and MIneral Research and I can be contacted at aelderkin@asbmr.org .
Edward Williamson
over 3 years agoJune 16, 2016
Hi Ann, We will be putting the slides as a blog post on Wiley Exchanges. I will notify you when they are up. Thanks Ed Williamson 
Associate Marketing Manager, Innovations, Wiley Societies
Akosua Ampofo Siever
about 3 years agoJune 30, 2016
Hello Edward, I would also prefer to see the slides. Are the slides available yet. where can I find them?

Edward Williamson
about 3 years agoJuly 1, 2016
Hi Akosua,
The slides are available at: https://hub.wiley.com/community/exchanges/discover/blog/2016/06/17/whats-it-like-to-be-a-society-member-in-2016-heres-what-you-told-us?referrer=exchanges 
about 3 years agoJuly 5, 2016
The survey was very informational and id like to attend a siminar and continue learning what the wileys society is all about.could you please send me an email for an invite.im here by myself and I need some real brother&sisterhood.im very anticipated to learn,and a climber would probably define me,but a leader I am
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